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Searching for luggage storage in Paris? Few things are as frustrating as having to carry your heavy bags with you when you’re visiting a new city. Just imagine: you’ve just arrived in Paris downtown, and your Airbnb isn’t available for another five hours. Or, if you’re catching a late flight back home, with nowhere to leave your luggage. Wouldn’t it be nice to stroll around Paris once more before you head back? That’s where luggage storage comes into place. Instead of dragging heavy bags with you, it is better to store them for a few hours and pick them up when you’re ready to leave. Parisian bistros are nice, but spending countless hours watching over your luggage is an one-way ticket to boredom!

We created this page to help you compare and discover the best luggage storage deals for Paris. Check them out below!

Left Luggage in Paris – Your Options

It is important to find a luggage storage solution that is convenient and located near your Airbnb/departure station, so you can safely and easily store and retrieve your bags. There are storage lockers and left luggage services in Paris, but they are often unreliable and hard to find during peak seasons. In most cases your options for luggage storage around Paris are:

  • Coin-operated left luggage lockers in train stations
  • Local baggage storage services
  • Airbnb-style luggage storage providers

Stasher: Our Go-To Option for Paris Luggage Storage

When it comes to luggage storage in Paris, Stasher is our service of choice.

They connect you with hotels and stores that can keep your luggage safe while you enjoy your time in a city. No need for cash – with Stasher you can book on-demand and leave your luggage in secure storage rooms.

Founded by a group of Oxford graduates, Stasher works with respected brands and vetted businesses and carry a 4.8/5 review score. They also feature multi-lingual customer support and full insurance for each item stored up to £1000.